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Franz Hoke manager of Edition Hoke

Franz Hoke - manager of EDITION HOKE (photo by Joachim Schroeter)

Edition Hoke is a platform in the heart of Munich that focuses on printmaking. Founded in 2010 by Franz Hoke, it has produced a wide range of artistic prints as well as exhibitions, discussions and presentations of technical and artistic visions. Artists have the chance to see their ideas implemented through the high-quality technical execution that Edition Hoke provides.

Edition Hoke offers collaboration combining technical skills with those of the artist, so that there is a level of mediation between the idea and the printed work where the artistic expression interacts with the material and the whole process. Through this combination, printmaking opens up its own unique forms of expression in terms of haptics, flow and quality ...

Edition Hoke

View of the front room, which is part of the gallery.

Edition Hoke

View of the back room, which serves as a studio and workspace for artists creating their works.

... In cooperation and international networking with workshops, experts and institutions, Edition Hoke promotes the expansion and development of printmaking and connects artists, patrons and enthusiasts in a common exchange!

Edition Hoke

EDITION HOKE organizes discussions, exhibitions and projects - gathering artists, patrons and enthusiasts into a common exchange.

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