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On the occasion of Alois Senefelder‘s 250th birthday, EDITION HOKE presents an exhibition with international positions of lithography.

With the invention of this revolutionary printing technique in Munich in 1798, it became possible to reproduce images quickly and inexpensively in large editions and thus make them accessible to many people. The lithographic process is based on the separation of a printing plate surface into hydrophilic and lipophilic parts, with both the ink-receptive and ink-repellent areas are on the same level. Technically advanced, this planographic printing process is not only still one of the most common and widespread in industry, but is also used by artists all over the world.

As the exhibition title STONE · PLATE · POLYESTER suggests, the classic printing from limestones has meanwhile been expanded to include a multitude of new materials, for example, aluminum or plastics. Therefore, in addition to the extended types of processing, lighter and more flexible printing plates are on hand, which allow a more independent handling of heavy machinery or only locally available materials. This opens up a wide range of applications for artists and expands their creative expression, which is evident in the worldwide use of lithography as well as in the individual prints.

On display are, among others, monochrome layered grayscales in the interplay between sharpness and blurriness, multi-color prints from high-speed presses and manual hand presses, prints from marble as from grained metal plates or from thinnest aluminum, lithographs done by crayons as well as with markers and spray paint, experimental prints or extremely delicate ink struktures, as well as the hot-off-the-press book about lithographic crayons and tusche, and much more.

The selected works of the exhibition, each individually, but especially in their entirety, show how diversified lithography is, both in its traditional and novel variants. In addition, videos of institutions around the world are shown to give insights into the international lithography scene and visitors will find out more about the individual artists using QR codes next to the original prints.

As a printing workshop and place for conveying technical and artistic positions, EDITION HOKE invites visitors to learn more about the multifaceted field of lithography, to get to know each other personally and to exchange ideas in a joint conversation - because art acts as a kind of comprehensive form of communication between us humans!