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Exhibition:   March 16 - March 29. 2024

Vernissage: Saturday, March 16;  6-10 pm

Finissage: Friday, March 29;  4-8 pm

PR!NT       December 09 - 23, 2023


… brings together both experienced printmakers and those from other art disciplines who are exploring the medium of printmaking for the first time. PR!NT thus unites the most diverse approaches and methods for transforming artistic ideas.


… showing prints by Michael Barnes, Ayzit Bostan, Stefan Feigl, Carla Ferriroli, Florian Hildmann, Stefanie Hofer, Franz Hoke, Luminita Mihailicenco, Alexander Nüßlein, Thomas Stegmeir, Bernd Wiedemann, Alexa Wirtz, Lars Wüstemann and Felicitas Zwanzger



OPENING: Saturday, December 09, 5-10 p.m.

EXHIBITION: December 09 - 23, 2023 (by appointment)

michael barnes lithography

"Reflecting on the Future" - Michael Barnes

Lithographs and etchings by U.S. professor Michael Barnes, which refer to the reflection of the past and the absurdity of thinking about what has not yet happened.

Previously unseen works and newly created prints in collaboration with EDITION HOKE, on site, in the printmaking studio.


Vernissage: Saturday, October 14; 6 pm. - 10 pm.




exhibition & summer party

new drawings / friends and guests / portotonic on ice

Carla Ferriroli

litografia - calcografia - xilografia
April 15 - April 30,2023

The exhibition "Il paesaggio che cammina" shows current graphics of the Swiss artist Carla Ferriroli. In collaboration with EDITION HOKE, she was creating her latest works, which are shown for the first time at the exhibition along with her etchings, lithographs and woodcuts.

Carla Ferriroli: "I try to invent, with the means of art, a seductive alternative to the geological processes that shaped the Alps in ancient times. For this I use the techniques of lithography and etching. In the confrontation with nature, a first image is created, which I record in pencil or pen in my sketchbooks. The printing techniques then require a reinterpretation of the drawings, in dialogue with the printing bmatrix made of copper, wood or stone. This is how my "geologically inspired" prints are created.


Carla Ferriroli - Il paesaggio che cammina

April 15 - April 30, 2023

lithographs and etchings II
lithographs and etchings II

LITHOGRAPHS & ETCHINGS II shows a selection of prints by Hiroyuki Abe, Bartłomiej Chwilczyński, Ulla von Gemmingen, Stefanie Hofer, Franz Hoke, Masanobu Mitsuyasu, Alexander Nüßlein, Henryk Ożóg, Piotr Panasiewicz, Krzysztof Świętek, Tomasz Winiarski - a discussion about technical, conceptual and pictorial solutions in printmaking.

February 17 - February 28, 2023

artistic printmaking between digital creation and physical print

Michael Grossmann „Botticelli Girls“   &

Barbara Kasperczyk „Feminity remains

Michael Grossmann _botticelli girls_ at EDITION HOKE
Barbara Kasperczyk „Feminity remains“ at EDITION HOKE
lithographic crayon and tusche

hot-off-the-press book  "lithographic crayon and tusche" now available! 

"Lithographic Crayon and Tusche" is about the self-production of lithographic drawing materials. It provides an overview of the individual ingredients used, their properties and the components suitable for the purpose in question. Thus you are less dependent on commercially available products by making your own individual crayons, rubbing ink or tusche for reticulation strucutres.

For information about the book, as well as ordering options, please feel free to contact me by e-mail at:

lithographs & etchings

From 25.02 - 20.03, Edition Hoke shows lithographs and etchings by Michael Grossmann, Franz Hoke, Antonio Saura and Antoni Tàpies - a discussion about thematic, technical, conceptual and pictorial solutions of printmaking.

Between classical techniques and modern implementations, the question revolved around contemporary printmaking. Visitors will have the opportunity to take a look into the studio and to get in touch with colleagues and artists.